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What is “the edge”? It’s the threshold between what is known and what is new … the unique quality that distinguishes one performer from the rest. 
The Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts takes talent to the edge. Since 1992, the Academy has offered one of Canada’s most intensive and unique post-secondary professional theatre training programs. No other curriculum presents such a focused perspective on honing the Triple Threat® skills of dancing, singing and acting for the stage and screen— essentials for success in the competitive performing arts industry.
The success of our grads is a testament to their training. As a result of training with leading faculty, they are primed to begin work in the industry immediately—we are proud of our 90% graduation-to-employment rate.

Why give to the Randolph Academy?

Every dollar that you give will go to its intended purpose, whether it is a master class or workshop for students, scholarship or bursary funds, or to offset the costs of a musical or play. Tuition revenue from the college program accounts for 65% of total revenue — the rest must come from private donors like you. Charitable tax receipts are given for 100% of your donation.
Charitable registration number: 89895 4938 RR0001

Become a Randolph Academy Partner Today!

Support Canadian arts education by adding your name to

  • a night of performance
  • an audition tour
  • a studio
  • a performance space
  • a course
  • a teaching position

Your sponsorship will:

  • highlight your commitment to the development of theatre talent and
    arts education
  • be recognized by arts-minded audiences
  • reach a targeted demographic
  • leverage the reputation of the Randolph Academy and its graduates
  • capitalize on the marketing and promotion that the Randolph
    Academy generates

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Giving Priorities

  • Scholarships and Bursaries — we aim to train the best of the best and we don’t want to turn away an aspiring talent for financial reasons. Scholarship and bursary donations will help us offset a greater portion of our college students’ tuition and fees.
  • Adequate Compensation for Faculty — we want to continue to offer our teachers wages that are fair and competitive in the industry, in order to attract the best the industry has to offer for our students.
  • Capital Improvements — as well as wanting the best teachers for our students, we also want the best teaching environment. Improvements to our physical plant will better the overall learning experience for all of our students.
  • Production sponsorships — college students in their final year of training participate in a play production and a fully staged musical. All of this work is to prepare them for the “real world” and these productions are as close to the real thing as we can get. Professional productions take money to produce and your help in sponsoring costumes, sets, or one or more actors is an invaluable contribution.
  • Marketing — our best marketing is the word-of-mouth recommendation of our alumni. However, we can let more aspiring performers know about us if we can market the Randolph Academy to Canada and the world. Your help will help us create more future stars.

Current Donors

  • Gary Slaight
  • David Mirvish – Mirvish Enterprises
  • John D. McKellar
  • Chris Li
  • CIBC
  • Endeavor Marketing
  • DPB Insurance
  • Balmoral Marketing

Donor Profile

John D. McKellar

John McKellar has been a faithful supporter of the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts, most recently with a generous donation in support of scholarships and benefits for Academy college students. Mr. McKellar firmly supports the values of the Randolph Academy and the superior training our students receive.